The Conduit is a podcast featuring candid conversations between professional musicians and music biz veterans who give you the unvarnished truth about being an artist in the music business today. Hosted by L.A. musician, producer, DJ and writer Dan Ubick aka Constantine “Connie” Price, The Conduit is real talk, no posturing. Learn from top music veterans as they talk honestly about their struggles and experiences and share with you their wisdom and knowledge.

Music Industry Lessons From Michael Fish Herring [Ep 13]

In this episode, we experience music through the eyes of Michael Fish Herring, a veteran in the world of music with enriching experiences and stories to tell. From playing with pop icons to producing aspiring talents, Fish recounts his journey and shares his unique 'listen and learn' approach to ...

Mario Caldato Jr. [Ep12]

Mario Caldato Jr. was heavily influenced musically by growing up in a mixed neighborhood in the 1960s and 1970s. He explored different types of music through his AM radio, which led him to start playing in his first band. This experience solidified his love of music, and he continued to experimen...

Bernie Grundman [Ep11]

From an early age, Bernie Grundman knew that he wanted to dedicate his life to sound, and he followed this passion throughout his time in school and the Air Force and on to Hollywood.


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