In the intricate realm of music recording, small labels are not merely entities; they are hubs of ingenuity and resilience. Running an independent music recording label can be both challenging and rewarding. Building a strong brand, nurturing relationships, and staying innovative are keys to success for smaller music recording labels.

In this episode, we sit down with Daniel Hall, Founder of RidingEasy Records, to discuss the formation of the company through the lens of his experiences in the industry. RidingEasy Records is more than a label; it's a passion-turned-phenomenon. Their catalog compasses heavy psych, doom, metal, and rock but also serves as a haven for classic rock enthusiasts. Their tracks have found homes in commercials, films, TV shows, and online content, making them an indomitable force in the industry. Daniel is more than a seasoned professional in music marketing; he's a trailblazer in the industry. From artist to promoter, his journey through the music world has been a tapestry woven with relationships and a profound understanding of what drives success.

In our conversation, we unpack the roots of RidingEasy Records and how a low-key band ignited its formation. We discuss what shaped his belief in the power of music, the role of a strong graphic as the backbone of a marketing campaign, and how the music landscape has evolved. We delve into the album art and labels that ignited Daniel's passion during his formative years, his contemporary marketing approach, how his DJ background helped shape his career, the difference between working for a big and independent label, and much more. Tune in and get your backstage pass to the intricate workings of an independent record label with Daniel Hall!

Running a record label with daniel hall

Key Points From Running A Record Label with Daniel Hall:

  • Reminiscing about Slayer and their impact on the metal and rock scene.
  • RidingEasy Records and how the band Salem's Pot led to its formation.
  • The record labels and art that inspired Daniel when he was growing up.
  • His refreshing approach to creating album art, branding, and marketing.
  • How the marketing aspect for record labels has changed over time.
  • Thinking out of the box and building trust with consumers.
  • Challenges of marketing and selling as a smaller record label.
  • He shares his experience working for American Recordings.
  • An overview of his career journey into the world of record labels.
  • Why he decided not to pursue a career at a big record label.
  • Discover the difference between working for a major label and an indie label.
  • Learn about his background working as a DJ and how it influenced his career.
  • Insights into the nuts and bolts of running an independent record label.
  • Details about Sabbath by the Sea and how it started.